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Katie and Fernado's Vibrant "I Do" | April 6th, 2019

If wedding days had repeat buttons, we would have Katie and Fernado's on a constant run because every single detail of this wedding was unforgettable. The color scheme was full of bright blushes, pinks, oranges and even a few pops of our favorite ...purple. The decor was stunning and showcased the true uniqueness of their style. All things accounted for from the award winning cake to the very last dance this has been one of our favorite weddings to date!

The Details

It is no secret that every wedding has a staple, whether its the dress or the cake doesn't matter. For this wedding we can say that without a doubt the arch from Folie À Deux Events was the showstopper, beside the adorable newly weds of course. The arch had the perfect amount of geometric style, class, and even a little bit of sass for Katie. It also created an amazing base to build the rest of the room around. As you can see below the arch was featured in both the ceremony and the reception, but provided a different feel for both.

Our second favorite detail was the use of the green cups in the table setup. They paired perfect with the centerpieces and again showcased this couple's awesome style. As we always say, there is no rule book to how you design your wedding. So if you want to tryout something you haven't seen before, ask your florist or planner if they think it will flow with your current design!

Getting Ready

We don't always share photos from the couples private time before the ceremony, but these photos were just too stunning not to share. John Branch IV Photography did a stellar job capturing all the sweet moment that this couple shared before they meet each other at the alter!

The Ceremony

The fun of this wedding was not just in the decorations. Seriously, from the moment we met these two we knew they were going to be the perfect fit for our space!

Our hearts were so happy when Fernando showed off his warm personality as he walked down the isle, greeting their friends and family one by one. Of course the bridal party also rocked their part with stunning colors and lots of laughs. This audience was all smiles (okay we all cried too) as we watched Katie and Fernando say "I Do". There is not denying these two will be loved deeply in their marriage!

Picture Time

The party left while their team transformed our space for their reception, but the result was stunning portraits in all our favorite downtown spots. One of the best perks of our space is its close proximity to other beautiful outdoor locations, so you can still get fun shots in the park or even right in front of our state capitol!

He even helped Katie with her shoes.... come on guys!

Final Thoughts

All in all it is safe to say that this was a night that no one will ever forget. They raised the roof and shut down the city all at once. Our space was beyond happy to watch the perfect wedding unfold, all while enjoying the beautiful details our wedding lover hearts desire. Don't believe us, just take one look at that cake (below) and then ask us again why we loved it?

Our team is wishing Katie and Fernando the best of luck in many years of marriage. Thanks for reading our favorite parts of this day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Explore more work from the AMAZING vendors below!

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