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Katie & Matt's Big Day | April 6th, 2019

There was so much to love about Katie and Matt's Wedding Day that we don't even know where to begin. This bridal party was a absolute blast with their monogrammed mimosas and all their handmade decor! They really took handmade with love to a whole other level when they showed up with all their goodies in bags made by Katie mom. We were amazed to discover that this was the second round of the bags that had been made all because the wedding colors had changed (The things parents do for their kids is quite amazing)

Almost every part of their wedding and reception layout was beautifully crafted by the family. This honestly took DIY to professional level and it was a Pinterest dream!

To no surprise this bridal party showed off their uniqueness again by joining their family and early guests for a round of jello shots after their first look. We love seeing fun new traditions like this because our team firmly believes that you should make your day reflect who you are as a couple and nothing less.

So many sweet moments took place during Katie and Matt's ceremony, our two favorites are below!

From "I Do" to "See You Soon" Katie and Matt had us in a smiling frenzy. We think it is safe to say we will not be slowly down on sharing our love for this day anytime soon, so make sure to follow along on our Instagram. We could not have enjoyed this day without the help of some super awesome vendors!

A big thank you to these loves

photographer: @threeregionphoto planner: @elizabethsevents

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