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3 Reasons Why Styled Shoots are Important and Not Just For Instagram Fame

Okay if we are being honest, we all have those people that we envy a little more than others for their picture perfect Instagram feed. They have features on all the "big" pages and hundreds of The Knot or WeddingWire recommendations. As couples and vendors we feel like they always have over the top floral designs or models in their posts. Well the reality is that first and foremost we should always want the best presentation for our clients and second it really is possible to have your wedding look like those pictures.

We know this is harder to do than it sounds and you're probably thinking who in the world has a budget for that? Which is why we want to take a moment to talk a little deeper on this envy that WE ALL have from time to time and how it is possible to have similar concepts within your budget. Below you will find 3 reasons we love including styled shoots in our feed, alongside authentic real time memories.

Number 1 | The Ability To Showcase Talent

Possibly our favorite reason to take part in styled shoots is the opportunity to see what our amazing vendor friends are capable of making for our clients when they let the creative juices flow! It is amazing to see what comes from the sessions when vendors are able to show off their true style and make something they have been wanting to show off.

These sessions also help us through creativity blocks because in the regular wedding day setting, most vendors are not in charge of choosing the colors or layout. Their role is to help make the couples vision come to life, so styled shoots are the perfect way to channel their inner soon to be newly wed.

Number 2 | Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Wedding day isn't just stressful for the soon to be newly weds. As vendors wedding day can be like the first day of Kindergarten when you don't know anyone and the pressure to succeed is real. As a vendor our biggest mission is making our couples enjoy their big day and releasing all the stress the leading weeks can bring. So styled shoots are a fantastic opportunity to network with new vendors and explore how different styles can combine to make the perfect event. It is the also prime time for teams to learn about each other, so that the client experience is well worth the time and expense you are putting forth to say "I Do."

Teamwork is also an important part in the way we help our clients make vendor decisions. As a venue space, we often are the front of the wedding journey. This means we are also in the spotlight to help our couples find the vendors that fit the vision they share with us. This is where our go to preferred vendor list often comes into play. Throughout time we have formulated a list of teams who have worked in our space and that we believe flow with our Art Deco style. For the couples sake want to work with people who know our space and understand how we do things, so that we spend less time worrying and more time celebrating the special moments.

Number 3 | Helping Couple Understand the Possibilities of the Space

Okay we know you've probably heard this a million times, but when it comes to your wedding the possibilities really are endless. There is no rule book that says you have to use this years top trends or include all your friends in your bridal party. Your wedding is your day, so if you want to do something that no one has ever done then you find the people who will make that happen.

So another perk of allowing vendors to explore new designs is the opportunity to turn Pinterest dreams to reality, instead of the epic #pinterestfails. A great example is the recent shoot our space hosted where the vendor team was able to showcase this classy, earth toned layout that we don't commonly see in our space. We now have new ideas to show our clients when discussing potential layouts and can recommend the vendors who can make the design possible. Also, we strongly feel it is important to have real layouts thats display authenticity and unique styles that have been already been executed in our space to showcase what can be done in our 12th floor haven.

We would love to talk with you about how we can add this layout to your wedding day plan or evolve it to fit the look you want. Also, never hesitate to ask about other layout features we have.

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