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Mary and Garrett's Big Day | September 14th, 2019

Our fall season has been full of laughter and happily ever afters. Mary and Garrett's wedding was no exception and we loved the energetic vibe they brought to our space. Their team used a simplistic greenery theme with deep blue and grey accents. The whole day was full of all their favorite memories surrounded with the ones they love the most. From the dance of the century to coffee shop snuggles this day is one we will never stop sharing.

The Details

Mary and Garrett's wedding was full of details that showcased everything they love. They had live music for their ceremony, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and gifted their guests homemade glasses.

Getting Ready

We absolutely loved the pre wedding attire Mary and her bridal party wore. They made for the perfect candids and pair beautifully with the energy of the whole day. Also, Garret made sure to get his stylish closeups in one of our favorite downtown spots.

You, Me, & The Crew

These two newly weds were nothing less than loved by their friends and family. Everywhere the went, they were met with cheers. They also warmed our hearts by stopping into our favorite local coffee shop Lucette Grace for some pre dance espresso!


Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog Mary and Garrett brought down the house with a dance that no one will ever forget. They put on their boogie shoes and shirts... covered in each others faces. Yes you read that right and that is why we always tell our couples that the options are unlimited for your dream wedding.

Photos by: Montana Burkett

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