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5 Wedding Day Tips

To all of the couples searching for the secret to making wedding day the best day, the answer is YOU! We encourage you to focus on yourself, you future spouse, and listen to what your inner "middle school" self dreamed about when you thought of your wedding day. Here are some of our tips to help make your big day the best one yet.

1. Make a list of the "must-haves"

We think it is important to sit down with your partner and weed through the Pinterest boards to decide the things you can not live without. This includes the color scheme, the center pieces, types of flowers you love, vows, who will attend, and all the in betweens. If you always wanted to wear your Grandmother's Pearls, put it on the list. If you always wished your dad would be your best man, just ask him!

2. Hand it Over, sign a planner

Once you complete your dream list, take it and find the planner that will make it happen. We know your mom and aunt may be the most creative and organized women on the planet, but your day is their day to be a support to you and spend time alongside of you, do you want your mom cuing you to walk the aisle? We didn't think so. A planner can be there to make sure EVERYONE enjoys the big day and that you, and everyone involved know where to be, when to be there, and how it should look when you arrive. We are the first to admit that wedding day can get stressful, but thankfully the professionals have a ton of experience in making magic happen.

3. Go ahead and ask the questions

It is okay not to have all the answers because each wedding is one of a kind. Doughnuts, pie, or cake, ask a variety of dessert makers. We know picking menus can be so confusing, but caterers master their recipes everyday just so they can help you find something your whole family will love. The same thing goes for your photographer, designers, DJ, and officiant. We suggest reaching out to multiple vendors and sitting down to see if they are the right fit before putting ink to paper. Even a wedding on a budget can find amazing vendors and ways to make it all work in the end, ask questions without worrying about the price so that you can inform your overall decision.

4. Stay organized and up to date

This one really helps to relieve stress on the day of your wedding. We think it is best to get with your planner and review all your contracts 60 days before you say "I Do". After you've done this, put together a binder with timelines and things to remember for each vendor! This will help you know who will be taking out the trash and how much time the caterer will need to set up the food. Making this list can prevent schedule overlaps and prevent as many mistakes as possible, keeping you smiling all day.

5. Nobody's Perfect

A wedding is a lot like a broadway production. No one will know if something isn't the way you wanted, except for you. They're the audience, you're the "actor" on stage. The only thing that truly matters is that you are getting to say "yes" to forever with your best friend. Who cares If the table cloths are not all the same size or you miscounted guests for food. We promise nobody will remember any of those things when you get back from your honeymoon. Just breathe.

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