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Koda's Breakfast Themed Baby Shower | June 16, 2019

The joy of celebrating a soon to be momma and their little one is so special. Especially when they have the cutest themed baby showers like Kejuana did at her baby shower in June! We loved how the family gathered for a unique breakfast party to celebrate the welcoming of baby Koda to their family. They also enjoyed light brunch options from our downstairs neighbors Capital Club 16 Catering as the party progressed into the evening. Continue reading for more baby shower inspiration and details from this event!

All the Little Details

From chocolate covered strawberry towers to a mimosa bar this baby shower had it all. The family really gave it their all to make sure this layout was everything it was dreamed to be. It was amazing how intentional all of the pieces were to the story of baby Koda.

No matter how many events we host it really never gets old learning about the families and couples that walk through our space to celebrate the moments in their life that they never want to forget!

Joy, Love, and Laughter

The room was literally filled with joy from the moment guests arrived until they left. They laughed and celebrated baby Koda like she was already there. One of our favorite aspects of this shower was how they asked everyone to share a little love for Koda through heart chips that will be kept in a frame for a keepsake. We have no doubt that this little girl and her family have a lot to look forward to in the coming years and we wish them all the best!

Design: Family and Friends

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